Holistic Health Coaching

Let’s get you feeling like you again…

Health & Nutrition Coaching


  • hormone balance
  • gut/digestive health
  • healthy cooking that fits your lifestyle and bodily needs
  • how to grocery shop on a budget

I work with my clients to get to the root cause of what is holding them back from OPTIMAL wellness. So often health is made too complex. I keep it simple and will teach you how to eat/cook healthy in a way that makes sense for your body and lifestyle, make lifestyle changes to improve stress and well-being, and balance your gut for the long term.


  1. Schedule a 15 minute complimentary discovery call below to chat and see if we are a good fit for each other!
  2. Next, choose a package below and schedule an intake session to talk all about you and your health visions. Prior to our first session together I’ll have you fill out some forms to make the most of our time during the sessions! These forms will help me get a better picture of your current and past eating habits, possible nutrient deficiencies, main concerns, etc.
  3. After the first session I will create a customized plan with considerations and we will work through the plan adjusting as necessary in follow up sessions. I’m excited to go on this journey with you!

5 WEEK RESET! Sep 9-Oct 7 2022

This program is for busy, hard-working individuals who need a health reset. The 5 week format allows you to go at your own pace to learn about and implement simple changes to start feeling your best while keeping up with a busy schedule!

  • (1) 60 minute intake session
  • text/email support 7 days a week
  • weekly challenges and accountability check ins- each week will be focused on a different pillar of health (stocking the kitchen for success, sleep, stress management, joyful movement, hydration)
  • access to my cooking club with meal plans and 100s of recipes
  • 4 month supply of fruit and veggie capsules (included in cost)
  • $349 before aug 28, $390 thereafter (payment plan available)

I integrate my background as a holistic chef with my nutrition and health coach training to support you in all aspects of your wellness journey.

LOTS OF LOVE PACKAGE- 3 month program

  • (1) 90 minute intake session
  • (3) 45 minute follow up sessions
  • free access to my virtual cooking club
  • discount on supplements
  • access to labs (additional cost)
  • weekly email check-ins
  • 3 months of email correspondence
  • nutritional resources, recipes, recommendations
  • $350*

ALL THE LOVE PACKAGE- 6 month package

  • (1) 90 minute intake session
  • (6) 45 minute follow up sessions
  • free access to my virtual cooking club
  • discount on supplements
  • access to labs (additional cost)
  • weekly email check-ins
  • 6 months of email correspondence with weekly check- ins
  • nutritional resources, recipes, recommendations
  • free access to private Facebook client support group
  • $596

90 minute intake session

This initial session is all about getting to know you and where you want to go. We will go over your intake forms, and talk about your main concerns, current and past diet and health history, stress, physical activity, sleep habits, digestive health, relationship with food, hormone health, and much more. After this session I will create a plan with considerations, recipes, and additional resources. Together we will work through your plan using tools like food journals and SMART goals and make adjustments in follow up sessions.

Follow-up Sessions- 45 minutes

After the initial session (usually 3 weeks), we’ll do follow up sessions to talk about what’s working and what’s not, celebrate your successes, and assess barriers/set backs. From there, we will make adjustments accordingly.

“Abby has such an air of calm. She has an exceptional way of making you feel comfortable and unjudged in her presence. Her knowledge is extensive and well utilized throughout her protocol. Abby not only addresses your symptoms, she digs to get to the potential reason for them”

—Haley M.

“Abby is a quiet force who will dive deep into your health and find what’s really going on. Her knowledge about food is vast and will truly benefit anyone who is wanting healthy meal plans to really see breakthroughs in wellbeing.”

— Christi F.

In no way do I heal, diagnose, treat, or mitigate disease. Consider me as the extra helping hand and a compliment to any medical care you are already receiving. I see you, I hear you, I’m cheering for you!