Chocolate Sunbutter Chia Pudding

This recipe puts the chocolate peanut butter combo to shame! (But if you’re a die hard Reeses fan you can also use peanut butter here).

Chia pudding is so simple, you won’t believe it! Simply combine non-dairy milk, chia seeds, sweetener, and other flavorings in a mason jar and shake, shake, shake! Leave it to set up for a bit and voila! Make it ahead or enjoy in the moment. 🙂

For this chia pudding, you’ll make two different flavors of pudding- one with raw cacao, and one with sunbutter! To serve- alternate the different flavors of pudding so that each bite yields the perfect pairing of chocolate and sunbutter! I also like to top the pudding with a layer of runny sunbutter (which I like to think of like caramel) and seal it all in with a layer of melted and cooled dark chocolate!

Of course this is all extra but is it really? Haha. It’s a beautiful presentation and fun to take a spoon and break through the chocolate layer which also adds some chunks of chocolate into the pudding too! Yum! 

Sunbutter is made from ground sunflower seeds and has a lot of health benefits! It is commonly used as a paleo alternative to peanut butter because of its delicious but somewhat similar “roasted nut” taste! Sunflower seeds are high in vitamin E (an antioxidant to protect the body against chronic disease) and are not as problematic as far as allergies/intolerances go like peanuts are. Sunflower seeds are also high in protein and healthy fat! 

Chia seeds are definitely a healthy superfood! One of the biggest benefits is their high fiber content. In America we don’t generally get enough fiber into our diets due to the refining of food and lack of fruit and vegetables. Fiber is crucial to efficiently move food through our digestive system as well as to excrete toxins and excess hormones (via feces). Chia seeds also offer protein and omega three anti-inflammatory fatty acids. Their high protein, fat, and fiber content is perfect for satiation (staying full) and also helpful for stabilizing blood sugar. For this reason, I believe chia pudding is suitable for a healthy snack, breakfast side, or dessert!

Another bonus, chia seeds make for an excellent pudding because they soak up liquid beautifully without the need to cook the pudding at all! This pudding is literally no hassle at all and like I said, you can meal prep it!

I love adding unflavored collagen to further amp up the nutrition too. Collagen contains amino acids that complement the amino acids in chia seeds super well! This makes the pudding a great source of “complete” protein! The amino acids in collagen also support the hair, skin, nails, gut lining, bones, and connective tissues! As we age, the body’s ability to manufacture collagen decreases. In the past, our ancestors used to eat nose to tail. Today we do much less of this and therefore do not obtain collagen through diet like we used too. My favorite is the Perfect Supplements brand because they test for heavy metals and contaminants and it is such high quality! You can use my discount ABBY10 for 10% off!

I hope you soooooo enjoy! Let me know what you think! Tag me @abigaileholistic on Instagram or Facebook!

Chocolate Sunbutter Chia Pudding

Serves 1-2



In one mason jar or bowl combine ½ c of coconut milk, 2 tsp of maple syrup, 1 T of sunbutter, one scoop of collagen, and 2 T of chia seeds. Screw on the lid and shake until everything is mixed well. Allow to sit for five minutes.

Meanwhile, prepare the chocolate layer. In another mason jar, combine the remaining ½ c of coconut milk, cacao powder, vanilla, sea salt, 1 tsp of maple syrup, another scoop of collagen, and 2 T of chia seeds. Screw on the lid and shake well to combine. Allow to sit for five minutes, then shake up again to redistribute the chia seeds. 

Give the sunbutter chia pudding another good shake to redistribute the chia seeds and then place both jars in the refrigerator for at least one hour or overnight to set up. 

When ready to serve, grab two cute glass jars or bowls, if taking on the go mason jars work great! For each jar, layer the chia pudding in this order: sunbutter chia pudding, chocolate chia pudding, then sunbutter chia pudding on top. 

Spread one tablespoon of sunbutter on top of each jar of chia pudding. I like to think of this as like a caramel layer. Mmmm

Melt the chocolate chips over very low heat or a double boiler.

Carefully pour half the melted chocolate into one jar on top of the sun butter and spread around to cover completely. Repeat with the other jar. 

Top with cacao nibs and sunflower seeds while the chocolate is still melted and then place in the refrigerator for a few minutes to harden the chocolate. You can serve this now or make it in a mason jar to take on the go later! These will keep in the fridge for at least a few days if not longer! Enjoy! 

NOTES:I love the Pascha 100% dark chocolate chips or the 85% dark chocolate chips. This company tests for heavy metals which is common in chocolate. If you are paleo and want a sweetened chocolate chip, I suggest the Hu chocolate chunks or the Thrive Market ones. They use coconut sugar to sweeten.

I’m so thrilled to be able to share my recipes with you via my blog! Food is medicine and it is also fun! I’m passionate about teaching others how to cook for health, ease, and flavor! That’s why I created an online recipe club subscription where I share weekly recipes, meal plans, and provide access to hundreds of recipes organized by meal category. I’m a busy mama and wife and I don’t have a lot of extra time on my hands just like most of us, but this doesn’t mean we have to compromise our health or nutrition. If you’re interested in receiving my weekly recipes and meal plans or receiving 1:1 nutrition coaching, email me at for more information! I also offer

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Sources: My powerpoints from Nutrition School at Hill College of Texas


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