Ain’t Nobody got Too mush-room for Mushrooms

HOW TO WASH MUSHROOMS Do you submerge your mushrooms in water or spray them off with water? If the answer is yes, I’m here to save you! You see mushrooms are like sponges- their porous nature means they absorb water. To get those perfectly browned sautéed mushrooms, we need to avoid adding water to themContinue reading “Ain’t Nobody got Too mush-room for Mushrooms”


Mashed potatoes are a great comfort food right? What if you could have the same mashed potato dreaminess with a much more interesting flavor and less of a blood sugar spike? Oh wait, you can! In this post I am going to give you two ways to hack your mashed potato game! TURNIP MASH Ingredients:Continue reading “HACK YOUR MASHED POTATO GAME”


When I was in gradeschool, often I had cup of noodles in my lunch- they were great! But then I got older and realized the ingredients weren’t so great. I haven’t had ramen like that in a very long time but I was delighted when I came across the idea to meal prep my ownContinue reading “MEAL PREP RAMEN JARS”

15 things in your daily routine to rethink in 2020

shampoo and conditioner deodorant detergent face wash and lotion household cleaners soap altogether your coffee cup sunglasses phone cases food storage cookware and utensils food bought at the store in plastic containers and water bottles microwaving and heating in plastic yesterday’s drama non-organic food- especially the dirty dozen When did living simple become so hard?Continue reading “15 things in your daily routine to rethink in 2020”

The Milkshake Recipe You Need in Your Life

Introducing the milkshake of my childhood… THE CANDY CANE MILKSHAKE After interviewing my mom I found out that she used to pick them up from the old Arctic Circle. My mom being my mom took things into her own hands to make it for us at home as kids. I also have memories of dadContinue reading “The Milkshake Recipe You Need in Your Life”

“Good Friends are like Stars…

you don’t always see them, but you know they’re always there.” If you know me, you know I love hosting parties: tea parties, cookie parties, pinterest parties, you name it! You would also know that I never did fit into one group of friends so I have many from all over! We don’t talk everyContinue reading ““Good Friends are like Stars…”

“Can somebody please give me directions?” -Dori

Hi friends, Today I’d like to be very raw with you about how beautifully painful it is to be in my 20’s figuring out life. If asked what my spirit animal is, I’d say for sure Dori from Finding Nemo. You see I have about a million thoughts going through my head at all times,Continue reading ““Can somebody please give me directions?” -Dori”