Hello, I’m Abigail and I’m a food geek

Ever since I can remember I have always had a special affinity for nutrition and food. Everyone has that thing that just sets their soul on fire…food is that for me.

I grew up right next to my grandparents’ farm in small town Kalispell, Montana. Being so close by, I spent a lot of time on the farm and from a young age, I’ve always wanted to be like my grandma. As a farmer’s wife her job has always been to take care of the home and her family. This means she grows a garden from which she preserves food for the winter months, cooks three meals a day, and makes sure to spoil our family on holidays with delicious sweets. She has set the example of what it looks like to nourish a family from simple, whole foods as they come from nature. Today that little girl that loved helping grandma make homemade applesauce and pickles is on a mission to extend this nourishing lifestyle to others.

On the outside and according to doctors I have always been considered “healthy”…but deep down I knew I had underlying issues- I have experienced irregular and absent periods, chronic constipation, chronic bloating, other IBS symptoms, insomnia, daily headaches, skin issues, and inability to manage stress. It wasn’t until I really became mindful of my body and also started studying nutrition that I realized these were cues my body was giving me to say some things are off. I desired a better day to day life and future. Over time, I gained a normal menstrual cycle, the ability to sleep and feel refreshed, regular stools, and the ability to be present in a moment without having to stress so much. Optimal health is a journey and may look different in different seasons of life, but no matter what we must become mindful of what’s going on in our own bodies. It is amazing how starting with the cornerstones of health (food, lifestyle, digestion, mitochondria) unique to oneself allows the body to slowly mend itself.

My professional career started with an associates degree in Culinary Arts. I was fortunate to receive top-notch education from chefs that worked with high-end food businesses such as at the Waldorf Astoria and catering for the Super Bowl. Upon completing my culinary education at the Culinary Institute of Montana I hopped on a plane and pursued my lifelong dream of visiting Italy. I lived abroad for three months experiencing Venice and other parts of northern Italy, Paris, London, and Greece. I couldn’t get enough, and thankfully I had made connections the first time. Within six months I was off again to Italy. Again I lived abroad almost three months during which I cooked alongside Italian chefs and lived with an Italian family. I explored different parts of Italy this time: Bologna, Napoli, Sardegna, and Milan. I also visited Barcelona, Nice, Chamonix, and Lake Geneva in Switzerland. Abroad I learned that it’s common sense to the locals to eat what’s in their culinary garden and in doing so the preparations are simple because the ingredients really are rich in flavor alone due to high nutrient quality.

Next I studied holistic health coaching, nutrition, and herbalism through Hill College and became board certified in Holistic Nutrition through the NANP. Every lesson I learned always came back to the importance of a diet rich in WHOLE, fresh foods. With my experiences and knowledge I am on a mission to take us back to the basics of enjoying food that is simple without compromising health.

Food is common ground among all of us. We all need it, its how we celebrate, it directly affects long-term health, and its an expression of affection. I love this because it means I have the capacity to connect with everyone in some way… including you!

I want to hear your journey…

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