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Bridging the gap between your busy life and health vision

Hi, I’m Abigail!

Chef and health coach behind Chef Abbalina. Click here to read my full story.

Many ask me what exactly is a private chef?

It’s simple! As a private chef I’m here to make eating easier so you can live your busy life without compromising your health. This means I bring my equipment and I come and prepare meals for you in the comfort of your own home. Before anything, I consult with you to learn about you, your lifestyle, and health visions so that I can prepare meals with your whole body and life in mind. I have many weekly meal packages to choose from and will come to prepare them as often as needed for freshness. Meals are portioned into glass reusable containers easy to grab and reheat. I also offer many other services like private dinners, small party and special occasion catering, private cooking lessons, and grocery shopping. See below for more details!


Having studied holistic nutrition, I firmly believe that everyone is unique and has different needs based on their own body and environment. As a holistic chef I create meals that not only taste delicious but are prepared strategically for OPTIMAL NUTRIENT absorption. That’s right, I go as far as to use strategic techniques to prepare and combine ingredients so that you can get the most from your food. Food is just one piece of supporting the whole body so that indirectly we can prevent chronic illness and remain healthy. However, food directly affect health through aspects like mood, energy, elimination, and more. Let’s go on a journey together to find what foods support the best you!


I specialize in plant focused cuisine as well as any combinations of gluten free, dairy free, grain free, and vegan baking. All my recipes are gluten free, and dairy free to start but substitutes and alterations are made to fit you.

Private Chef Services

Private Meal Prep

Meals prepared and placed in your refrigerator to be reheated at your convenience. Meals are packaged in reusable glass containers that can either be purchased or rented from Chef Abbalina.

Typical meal packages:

  • 3 dinners
    • for 2-4 people… $225 + food cost 
    • For 6-8 people…$300 + food costs
  • 4 dinners
    • For 2-4 people… $300 + food costs 
    • For 6-8 people…$400 + food costs 

Breakfast, lunch, and snack prep also available!

Private Dinners

Whether a date-night or simply just a private dinner, enjoy a multi-course dinner in the comfort of your own home.

A typical private dinner includes: an appetizer, entree with sides, salad course, and dessert.

Menus are inspired from different cuisines around the world. Of course all menus are tailored to you, so feel free to express any preferences! Click here for sample menus and photos!

Special Events In House Catering

  • birthdays and holiday parties
  • bachelor/bachelorette parties
  • brunch
  • baby and bridal showers
  • birthday cake orders
  • other specialty dessert orders see cottage bakery page here

Grocery Shopping

  • Personal Grocery Shopping: give me your list or preferences and budget and I’ll grab the groceries!
  • Grocery Store Tour: ever feel overwhelmed at the store or end up with a full fridge of food going to waste? Let me help! We will shop together during which I will answer any of your questions, talk through health benefits of foods, how products get to the shelf, and tips for saving money so you can feel confidence in shopping to benefit your body and wallet!

Private Cooking Classes

Need some more confidence in the kitchen or looking for a fun group activity with your friends, family or kids? Let’s cook together!


Organic & Local

Pesticides and other toxins on food and from packaging are hormone disruptors and put strain on our livers which have over 500 different jobs in the body including filtering all toxins. Buying organic can reduce the toxin load but not completely eliminate them. That’s why local is even better.

Seasonal Recipes

Eating in season is not only more economical but it is also practical and fun! There’s a reason mandarins are in season during the colder months when we all get sick, they contain tons of vitamin C! I keep it fun by switching it up with new ingredients each season.


There’s the common saying “you are what you eat” but in reality you are what you ABSORB. As my client you can be sure I will take your WHOLE body into account for optimal nutrient absorption. We will sit down and discuss your health vision and go on a journey together so that you can not only enjoy the taste of your food but its benefits as well.


All recipes start out gluten-free, dairy free, refined sugar free!

  • Soaked/sprouted grains, nuts, seeds, and legumes as much as possible
  • No unhealthy preservatives
  • Only coconut and avocado oil for cooking/baking because they maintain chemical structure
  • Never refined vegetable oils
  • Non-gmo
  • Only organic, fermented soy

Non-Toxic Cookware & Storage

Toxic cookware that taints food when cooked in damages the body at a cellular level. Therefore, I only cook and bake with glass, cast iron, stainless steel, and ceramic.

I store all food in glass containers for you. This cuts down on waste and also makes it easy to reheat anything.
When I grocery shop I avoid buying in plastic if I can and I bring my own produce and grocery bags and jars for bulk. I prefer to buy in glass versus cans but if it is not possible I will only buy cans that are BPA free.

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