Weekly Meal Prep

Healthy meals ready to go for your convenience…We use glass containers for easy reheating, storage, and reusability.

How does it work? As a holistic chef I’m all about creating meals that support your body and lifestyle. The sample menus reflect well rounded meals that include protein, lots of veggies, and a carb. You will notice some meals include side dish options and some do not. This is because some of the recipes are all inclusive of a balanced meal without needing a side. However, I have provided a side dish sample menu, salad jar menu, and soup menu that can all be utilized to supplement meals. All meals are gluten-free and dairy-free (with the exception of goat cheese options).

Let’s talk meals!


  • 3 dinners
    • for 2-4 people… $225 + food cost
    • For 6-8 people…$300 + food costs
  • 4 dinners
    • For 2-4 people… $300 + food costs
    • For 6-8 people…$400 + food costs

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